Ayurveda Treatment

Ayurveda Treatment

tour Package Ayurveda Treatment

Ayurveda Treatment

6 Nights - 7 Days
tour Package tour Package tour Package tour Package

Tour Discription

Wellbeing is not just the absence of disease or illness. It's a complex combination of a person's physical, mental, emotional and social health factors. Ayurveda is the best method and you will find it our with our programme. 

Tour Information


DAY 01

- 08.00 am Arrival from airport

- 10.00 am Foot Reflexology 70 minutes (Pada pathjanka)

- 11.30 am Head neck & shoulder massage 30 minute

- 12.30 pm Lunch

- 1.30 pm Sleeping

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DAY 02

- 06.00 am Virekaya (Stomach cleaning system)

- 01.30 pm Herbal steam bath 20min (Vashpa)

- 02.00 pm Herbal body scrub 60min

- 03.00 pm Full body massage with natural herbal oil (Abhyangam) 70min

- 04.15 pm Steam bath 

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DAY 03

- 9.30 am Head , Neck & Shoulder Massage 40min

- 10.40 am Herbal Pack Massage (NAVARAKKIZHI)

- 11.30 am Shirodara Treatment

- 12.15 am Steam bath (Vashpa kuti) 03.30 pm Facial treatment  60min

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DAY 04

- 9.30 am Herbal foot bath 20min

- 10.00 am Foot and hand Reflexology 90min

- 11.30 am Head neck, Shoulder & Back massage with herbal pack

- 12.30 pm Kati wasthi 40min

- 12.30 pm Herbal Bath  

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DAY 05 / 06

- 5th Day & 6th Day Treatment has been change depend on your body type

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DAY 07

7th Day- Departure


- National or Chauffeur guides

- Air-Condition comfortable vehicle

- Accommodation on DBL room as stated in tour plan with same or similar category hotel

- Treatments charges

- All local taxes


- Air tickets and Insurance

- Medical and immunizations

- Mini bar at hotel rooms [ if available ]

- Drinks, snacks or any edible food throughout the tour

- Clothing and laundry

- Video & Photography permits

- Telephone, Wi-Fi or any communication services

- Any other items of personal nature not mentioned here

Cancellation policy

In case of cancellation of a 'Confirmed Tour', Client has to pay according to the following terms.

• Between 01 to 10 days prior to arrival [ or no show] - 100%; Total quoted value

• Between 11 - 17 days prior to arrival date - 50% of the quoted value

• Between18 - 25 days prior to arrival date - 25% of the quoted value

• 26 days or before , prior to arrival - No fee

General Notes

1. We will treat each tour as an individual tour. Every time when number of clients confirmed by agent [you] , we will assign a Tour Reference Number.

2. Then we will issue a Proforma Invoice which is serially numbered. We expect you to remit 50% as an advance for each tour, to our bank via T/T, a.s.a.p. Our Bank details are printed in our Proforma Invoice. Upon receiving the 1st advance, we start booking hotel rooms.

3. If payment get delayed and the proposed hotels rooms get over-booked during that time same category hotels would be booked. If same category hotels cannot be found, we would be compelled to book higher category hotels and extra cost has to be borne by you.

4. We cannot cancel hotel bookings or re-route already agreed tours plans after we paid for them. Due to hot or cold weather or not carrying appropriate clothing etc. In case, if client/s want to stay in a different hotel, they could do by using their own resources.

Global Encouragement and Praise

What to Pack

• Pack for heat and humidity. Cotton clothes are useful at any time of the year but you will need light woolen for the Hill country and waterproof clothing or an umbrella.

• Long-sleeve shirts might be advisable after dusk because of mosquitoes.

• Daytime coastal temperatures generally range from 27-32C (81 -90 F), slightly cooler in the hill country, especially Nuwara Eliya (AC; Temp: 59F), where a light sweater is frequently required at night.

• As you are visiting the cultural and religious sites, it is a must that you wear appropriate clothing. Gents are required to wear trousers to cover their knees or a "sarong" with a shirt or T-shirt. Ladies should ideally wear decent attire such as a trouser or a skirt to cover the knees and a blouse or t-shirt. It may not be advisable for ladies to wear deep necked or a sleeveless top during visits to religious places.

Time difference

• Sri Lanka Standard Time is five and a half hours ahead of GMT‎



• Filtered, mineral and bottled drinking water is available at most retail shops.

• Avoid drinking water from the tap.


• Electric current: 230- 240 volts, 50 cycles AC. Plugs come in a bewildering range of variations. Beside the primary plug type, you may well find US.EU and British-style plugs in your room.

• Adapters: As Sri Lanka uses a range of sockets, so your full range of travel adapters may come in useful. Specialized Sri Lankan adapters can be bought in major hotels and many shops. US sockets tend to be used, although older hotels, especially in the hill country, may use UK sockets.

• If you travel with a laptop computer bring a stabilizer.

Medical Facilities

• Hotel will have a doctor within the hotel premises or nearby.

• Pharmacies can generally be found at the commercial center of most towns.


• IDD facilities are available in the vast majority of tourist hotels.

• Hotels increasingly offer Internet Wi-Fi, and cyber cafes exist in Colombo and some tourist areas, although connection speeds can be slow outside Colombo.

• If you carry medicine use during your holiday, Always keep sufficient amount for a week in your hand luggage as it helps you in case if your luggage is misplaced.

• If you have a Camera/iPad or a tab please take pic's of your baggage before it is handed over to the counter as it helps you in case of a claim.

• If you have cloths with a Buddha image printed or Pendants please don't bring or use during your stay in Sri Lanka. In case you have a tattoo of Buddha image please make sure you cover it all the time as it is an offence in my country.

* Please make sure that you bring some shirts in white color to wear during visits to the temples! Especially during the visit to tooth relic temple of Buddha! At least avoid using bright colored tops during visits to religious places.