South West Beach

South West Beach

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Tour Packages

The Temple of tooth or Sri Dalada Maligawa is a temple in the city of Kandy in Sri Lanka. It was built within the royal palace complex which houses the only surviving relic of Buddha, Temple of tooth, which is venerated by Buddhists.

South West beach season – November to April

Tour Package Sri Lanka Heritage


A creative package for short time period which will recommend for any type of travelers. We will explore our heritage and enjoy rest of the key futures in Sri Lanka

  • 6 Nights - 7 Days
Tour Package Sri Lanka South


Holiday in beautiful south beach with mix of culture, heritage and amazing wildlife experience. 

  • 9 Nights - 10 Days
Tour Package Sri Lanka Wonders


Sri Lanka is a country with plenty of modern day wonders. Let explore and witness the true beauty. 

  • 14 Nights - 15 Days
Tour Package Sri Lanka Wildlife


Our Wildlife tour plane create for nature lovers. A prgramme covers main wildlife national parks with many more to enjoy.

  • 7 Nights - 8 Days
Tour Package Sri Lanka Best Summer

Best Summer

Beach vacations. Pool time. Swimsuits and ice cream. Long days, short nights, sunshine, warm weather. Is it any wonder that we associate the summer months with feeling happy.

  • 11 Nights - 12 Days
Tour Package Sri Lanka Bird Watching

Bird Watching

Sri Lanka is a tropical island situated close to the southern tip of India. The bird life of Sri Lanka is very rich for its size and 521 species have been recorded. In addition to the many resident birds, a considerable number of migratory species winter in the country to escape their northern breeding grounds.34 species are confirmed as endemic




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  • 6 Nights - 7 Days
Tour Package Sri Lanka Explore


A beautiful 12 day tour programme which covers Culture, Heritage, Wildlife, Sandy beaches and many more. Highly recommend for any type of traveler. 

  • 11 Nights - 12 Days